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No Ads - More Workspace

Ads are a source of revenue for the developers of a free app. But you can get rid of them if you think they take up space and distract you.

We try to use only small banner ads that generate pocket-sized revenue, to deliver a better user experience, develop more features, and support existing customers.

But we understand not everybody likes them because they use some space at the bottom of the screens and can also distract you. Our premium version gives our users ad-free experience, offers more workspace, and provides distraction-free productivity.

Backup & Restore to Google Drive

Backups keep your data safe and secure; and are the most effective when stored in the Cloud. You can maintain and restore them to any device seamlessly.

Although our free version offers the backup option on the local machine, it requires significant effort to manually restore data if you change your device due to any loss or crashes.

In our premium version, you can store your data to your Google drive through your free/business Google account and restore it in a super easy way.

Unlimited Attachments

20 attachments—audio, video, image, files, sketch or GPS location— can sometimes be limiting for our power users and productive people like you.

Our free version also allows you to experience the power to attach ‘just’ anything in your note, up to a limit of 20.

The premium version breaks all barriers by offering you unlimited number of attachments along with the option to add remarks to each file.

Unlock All Fonts

The more font choices you have, the more stylish your notes are. You can discover the superpower to customize your notes the way you like. After all, the best fonts are worth the effort!

Using different fonts in a note provide clarity, attention, and highlight. Our free version offers some standard fonts to get you started, but if you are looking for a unique set of elegant and new-age fonts that you’d love to use, our premium version is best for you! There’s no reason to settle for anything less than the perfect font.

Unlock All Color Themes

Default color themes in the free version may restrict your preferences. Pick a color theme—from an exclusive range of gorgeous and vibrant colors—that best suits you and your environment.

From light to dark themes, from bright accent to cool hues, from different tints to special tones, our premium version unlocks all color themes for you, as compared to a limited palette in the free version.

Unlock Folder Colors

Scrolling your eyes through all folders just to find the desired one becomes difficult at times. Customize the color of your folder to make it more prominent than the others. You’ll adore this new look!

Assigning different colors to your folders, as per your preference, can help you find the desired folders quickly.

While our free version provides you the best folder view, our premium version goes an extra mile to allow you to even change the colors of your folders and differentiate them easily.

Unlock All Pushpins

‘Pin to Top’ helps you pin your important notes to the top of the list. How wonderful it’ll be if you get the liberty to pick a color of your choice and magically (& speedily) change all your pushpins to that!

Pushpins help you mark your notes as ‘important’. Even the free version of Task Notes provides you the option of ‘Pin to Top’ through a red pushpin. Our premium version allows you to control the color of pushpins (as per your choice) through a set of exclusive colors.

Sort List Items

It's difficult to find an item on a long list by scrolling, right? Not anymore!

Now you can sort Checked List/Shopping List items alphabetically by just clicking on the 'Sort' icon, now it's super easy to organize lists!

Use Punctuation in Speech

Punctuation is important; in fact, even more while using speech to text. You can add commonly used punctuations such as full stop, comma, dash etc. or create your own effortlessly!

It becomes difficult to insert punctuation marks in speech to text and therefore, we offer automatic detection & replacement when you speak your notes. Our premium feature detects words and replaces them with the right punctuation that is provided as part of the auto-replace template.

Read the next section to know other interesting use cases for this.

Auto Replace Speech Templates

Accurately replace words with punctuation marks or text as you like. Create your own auto-replace templates with ease.

Our premium version not only helps you detect and replace commonly used punctuations such as full stop, comma, dash; it also helps you create your key words which can be replaced with larger text and paragraphs.

For example, when you say, “My home address,” our premium feature can replace it by your full home address which you could add easily in the Language settings, under the Speech Auto Replace Template section.

Selected Reading

Whether it is learning the pronunciation of words quickly or reading exactly what you want and not the entire note, our Selected Reading feature covers it for you!

Although our free version helps read out the entire note for you, it may get challenging if your notes are lengthy or if you are wanting to hear a particular section from your weighty note.

Our premium version offers a unique, classy, and essential feature that lets you highlight text from a note and have them read aloud or described.

Modify Speech (Read Aloud) Speed

A little fast or a bit slow? Have full control (slow-normal-fast) over the speed of what’s being read out aloud. Stay on the perfect pace, always!

The combination of slow, fast, and normal speed controls, in our premium version, helps you pay attention to the speech. You can control the speech speed in the Language settings and then enjoy hearing the note at the speed you prefer.

Note Editor Background Image

Got tired of plain notepad colors and love writing on handmade papers? Just apply a background!

This premium feature values your taste and allows you to customize the note editor background. You can pick from the given background images, or even select from the device Gallery.

Adjust Spectrum Visualizers

While recording audio, it is worthwhile to sometimes determine the audio activity or turn it totally silent. You have the power to adjust spectrum visualizers.

While our free version always keeps the spectrum visualizers on, our premium version allows you to turn them off or keep them on as per your need.

Customize Home Screen Widgets

Customized widgets are one of the best ways of organizing notes as per your choice and preference. Use the magic wand in our premium version and see your Task Notes like never before.

Our free version allows you to create widgets on your home screen; however, our premium version helps you experience the true power of customizable widgets. It gives you the chance to select your pushpins, control widget background transparency from 0-100%, show images and add border. Not only this, you could also turn off/on icon, title, pushpin, last modified time, app details, settings icon and border from the widget so it looks clean and orderly.

Navigate All Marked Locations

Ever gone on a trip marking all amazing places you discovered as GPS locations, and wanting to see them in map and navigate through, whenever required? Yes, you got the idea!

If you are only looking to navigate from your current location to a marked location, our free version can help you well. Imagine how fantastic would it be if you could navigate 1) "Directions from here" to another location in any other note and 2) "Directions till here" from another location in any other note, 3) "Navigate all locations" of a note in chronological order? Our premium version offers this brilliant feature, for GPS users!

*(using supported maps app if available on device)

Direction Between Marked Locations

Saving GPS locations at your convenience has never been so easy; moreover, now you have so many uses of these saved locations.

Our free version only lets you navigate from your current location to the marked location. However, our premium version allows you to navigate: 1) "Directions from here" to another location in any other note and 2) "Directions till here" from another location in any other note. Try these and trust us, there’s no looking back!

Hide Editor Toolbar

Make more space for text and lists

Editor Toolbar gives you excellent options of text formatting, but if you don't use it, you can hide it to make more space for text and list items..